Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reading books & Climbing trees

On Grandparents day at school, one of the other grammas was reading a sort of scarey story about a little boy who thinks he is dying because he was falling apart....losing teeth and hair, etc.

As you can see by the expression on my granddaughters face, she was 'into' the story. Seems the little boy was experiencing the normal growth of a child and the book ends with him holding up a finger and asking if he isn't falling apart, what is this yellow stuff leaking from his ears.....to which all the kids went ewwww! It was cute.

This is my 40 yr old son....showing his son the wonders of his childhood....climbing the maple tree in the front yard. Not that any 7 yr old needs to be shown, but the 40 yr old needs to relive the glory, I guess.
The grandson thinks the tree is quite glorious and is his new clubhouse.

Isn't father/son bonding wonderful????

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