Friday, September 14, 2007

OMGoodness---I got bit!!!

I got bit (Monday 8/27) while I was out taking photos and went to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

I was walking around the flowers in a the mowed portion, so I was not in tall grass or weeds, when I felt something like a stick stab my ankle. As I walked back to the car, it began to burn a little, so I looked down at it and it was bleeding quite a bit. I got in the car and wiped it with a napkin, and I could see two little puncture marks. Not a single hole in my panty hose. I began to be a little alarmed. It looked like a snake bite...two puncture holes, no damage to the nylons, bleeding profusely (for two tiny holes anyway), and the burning sensation. I called my hubby Ron and said I think I have been bitten by a snake...he said to go the hospital, I said even if it was only a garter snake? He asked if I had seen it, I said no, he says go to the hospital.
So I did. They got me in immediately. When I took off my panty hose I could see a little teensy tiny abrasion line, so I actually got stuck with a stick. I said "Well, this isn't going to be much of a story....snake bite sounds much better than stick bite!" I told my sister, "Hey!! it was a very very vicious stick, and very very noxious! It burned!!!"

So the good thing was that it wasn't a snake bite and the bad thing was that it was a horrible mean stick bite and I might be crippled for life. Ok, so they cleaned it up and they were happy for me that it wasn't serious and it will probably cost me $200+ for this darn stick bite and I hope you are laughing your hind end off!

AND I did get this great photo of a Monarch butterfly:
Then the ladies on my scrap booking group on line said I should go back and get a picture of the stick that bit me. I went back but I couldn't find it anywhere. I was telling the ladies that when I went back through my photos and found one of the stick waiting for me to come a step or two closer!!! One lady asked how I could miss seeing it because it was so huge, but I was busy looking at the butterfly and didn't see it. It is quite graphic so be prepared.

Then I was taking photos in my back yard pond of the froggies and the reflections.

THEN I discovered there were sticks in my pond!!!
OMGoodness I am plagued by sticks now!!! LOL

Hope you enjoyed my story….all of which is true, but embellished for entertainment! I did doctor the stick-bite photo with a stick and a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton head.

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Scrappy Moments said...

Jessie mae, This is such a funny story. I just love how you tell stories anyway, really happy to see you blogging more and I just love how you "doctored" that picture :)