Friday, July 02, 2010

Competition with Lori for Scoring garage sale finds!

LOL-Lori is a dear friend, so I know she will just laugh when she sees the junk I have collected for organizing my other junk! However the new cases from SU are not junk....and I have 12 that I created jackets and labels for to store my "other" stamps in. Here you see them next to my SU ones. I have ordered 16 more to fill and can't wait to get started on them.
Next are the wonderful baskets---the kind from the dollar store. All 6 of those baskets have embossing powder in them. Most of them were purchased on ebay for about $1.50 a jar. A real 'score'. The shelf below has my glitters, though when I took this photo my MS glitters weren't there yet. (they are now-so imagine about 20 bottles of glitter)
This is the inside of my coffee cabinet that I got at a resale shop for $8. It is just too cool. It is for the stamps that the ladies use the most during our Card Missions night.

This little baby is not all filled yet, but I got it at the resale shop for 50¢. It is above my embossing station to hold the versamark and extra embossing powders.
I think I got this little wooden shelf at a garage sale for 50¢ too. it is about 6x8 in size, but perfect for my little name stamps.
Hard to see, but the thing under all that 'stuff' is an AOL tin lid----stuck to the wall to use with magnets. it holds my rubber bands, and threaders. Below is a plastic staple case that has curly labels in it, and next to that is a slender hanging plant holder, but is used as a metallic marker holder.
A view so you can see more of it. Below is a wooden cutlery tray on its side, filled with containers of teensy stuff. a couple of small stamps and 2 small spray bottles. I love this right at my reach when I am working.

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Lori said...

I am laughing, but only because you mentioned the word "competition". You are TOO funny! Love all your organization, now you can come organize mine! (But I will check you at the door when you leave, lol!)