Friday, November 20, 2009

Shutterfold Birthday Card for my sister Jeannie

Here is the shutterfold card I made for my sister Jeannie. She is a new Christian and active in her church, plus she has my wacky sense of humor so she will enjoy the card.

It is 5½ x 12, with score marks on the 2" and 4" increments from each end, and then cut from the first score to the last score 1½" from each outside edge. Then I cut the mats, found 3 coordinating papers for each section, cut them and printed my Christian one liners....glued all together and bent the card at the appropriate spots and added stickers.


Artzy 4 U said...

I just love your card! Great job as usual!!!

christina d said...

I love the card! It's great!

Kathy Eddy said...

Great job JessieMae. check out my blog and see the ones I made after you sent me the link! Love them and thanks again for sharing it! Kathy