Thursday, June 11, 2009

my art escape!

The first photo is of my "desk" with everything right at hand to create cards, scrapbook pages, and my favorite ATCs!!!
The second photo just shows the whole desk, shelves above and floor below.....crammed with stuff to create artwork with.
Hubby put spotlights in the ceiling above the desk so the lighting is perfect.


christina d said...

I love your desk and the big table! What neat art work you've done lately. The cat tails are beautiful. What a handsome boy that baby is. He's adorable!!!

Kathy Eddy said...

Looking good Jessie Mae. Very organized! Mine is usually too messy to find anything. Not too bad now because I've been on vacation but look out next week! Kathy

Sara Carns said...

Hi there! Found you through Kathy's blog... loved the Tim ATC you made for her! You have got some great stuff!!! Love it!