Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Melted Crayon Paintings

I have gone nuts for melted crayon paintings! I turned my iron upside down and covered it with foil and propped it in a kleenex box. Then the fun began. First I took my ATC sized paper and layed on there and let the crayons melt according to the pictures in my head---like the cat tails shown here. When done, I used black perm markers to do the lines, and then embossed the edges for a framing of sorts and added embellishments.
The sunflower (CTMH) I stamped first and carefully applied the colors where I wanted them....a little trickier, but still fun fun fun!!!

The snow scene I used lt blue crayon for the sky and and white with a smudge of pink and blue for the "ice" and of course the figures are ink draw, and the snow piles are puffy paint.
The java card was embossed with the argile cuttlebug folder, then purple crayon melted on the surface, with a little silver crayon thrown in. But even then, I had to emboss silver on the edges for framing and to match the silver embossed stuff that went on the card.

Come on, get out that old iron and that old box of broken crayons and join me. It is FUN!!!!

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christina d said...

OOOH!! PRETTY!! At least you don't burn your finers! They are gorgeous. When I get over my fear of burning down the house I'm gonna try.