Friday, May 26, 2006

Time passes by...

My goodness how time slips by. A whole year has passed. Yes, I have been busy. Hubby got my scraproom done in the basement. It is 12x12 with a built in desk and double-door closet. It is awesome. I have been waiting a long time for this. He had the room next to it done in time for August lessons. I have about 10 regular customers that come for card/scrapping/craft classes. The basement is still a little rough, though the ladies don't mind. Here is what it looks like. I have shelves of supplies along the north wall, and that is my scraproom door to the right. I have a nice ceramic tile floor in there.
This spring we are currently working on pouring a cement patio off the back door. We had one, but when we had to put in a new well, and waterlines, it was partially torn up. So we are replacing the whole thing.

We went out to PA to see our daughter Beth last fall. She took an awesome photo of hubby and I. It was a beautiful spot, Linn Run State Park. The water was crystal clear. We are very relaxed and enjoying the time to be with Beth.

We still have lots of birdies at the feeder. I was happy to see my favorite hummingbird back. I have him named FatBoy and he is fun to watch. The orioles are back also. I watched a mama robin teaching her young how to find bugs in the grass. She would hop forward a few steps and 3 youngsters followed her every move. I enjoyed that. We have watched the blackbirds fighting over the dog food in our black labs dish. Too bad we have to go back to our jobs come Tuesday. This week off has been very enjoyable.

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